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Secure Working
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Monthly IT Support

Supporting SME’s and Corporate businesses, from managing desktop applications faults, to complete outsourcing and maintaining your current IT infrastructure assets to us. 

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Our Cloud Service Offerings

Our cloud experts will help you to achieve your cloud aspirations from simple to complex designs by addressing your needs to implementation.


Cyber Security is Key

Cybercriminals are evolving in the way they steal data such as ransomware, phishing, viruses, and spam emails. We help by offering products and services to reduce business risk.


Secure Remote Working

Homeworking has been proven to be a productive, efficient, model for businesses in providing a secure desktop workplace experience.

Our accredited IT experts have been supporting SME’s and Corporate UK businesses for over 30 years

We provide Managed IT Support Services to businesses looking for outsourced IT. Whether you’re in Finance, Property or Professional services, we have the knowledge to deliver the perfect IT solutions for your business. Find out about the IT outsourcing options available for your business.

Some statistics for you.

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of Malware Virus Spreads through Email

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of Companies experienced a Cyber Attack

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of people have data on Smart Devices

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of SME's invest in IT when it's too late

Our Mission & Vision

"We are passionate about IT, working with TAGZ CLOUD is a partnership, not a customer label. Delivering  innovative solutions to make IT work for you. Reducing costs and carbon footprint. Empowering better use of technology and increasing user experiences"

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