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what our customers say

Our current home working solution only catered for our senior executives when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. We had to ensure our office based workforce had a reliable home working solution, from multiple locations. We reached out to TAGZ cloud who implemented and delivered a quick and secure remote solution which has helped us deal with the implications of Covid -19. Our users and business data is secure whilst we continue to serve our customers.

Adam Bentley

Project Manager

A knowledgeable and helpful company - our new "on the road" mobile solution runs like clockwork! Backed by their expeditious helpdesk support, our
customer information is now at our fingertips, delivering better workflow efficiency. TAGZ Cloud mobile device management also protects our devices, and our data, from a central location. Now we spend more time facilitating our customer's engagements.

Mike Sendler

Digital Support Manager

Migrated our current desktops from Windows 7 to Windows 10, benefiting from the new features of TAGZ FlexiDesk. The cloud has offered us much more in business service apps, improved our processes and more importantly offers real-time scalability as our business grows. TAGZ Cloud has successfully completed a migration of our production servers into the cloud on Microsoft Azure, giving us better network security, service reliability and the ability to access our business data from anywhere.

Isabella Dunn

Security Platform Manager