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Safeguarding and managing
your company data is key.from Cyber attacks

TAGZ Cloud is a managed security service provider, that always puts security considerations as a top priority on any service it offers to customers, regardless of size or industry.

Our Team of Experts will work with you on your business IT Security requirements. Reducing exposure to a cyber attack.

Steps in Safeguarding and managing your company data is key to any business. As file and application data continues to grow, data it is now an important valuable asset. Taking steps to secure it will help to avoid it getting in the wrong hands and being sold or misused. We can help with the correct strategy in keeping your data safe whether being accessed on computers, file shares or smart devices. Keep company sensitive and critical company data safe.

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Managed Services

TAGZ Cloud as a Managed Security Service Provider goes further than what many customers would experience from their IT provider

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IT services in Manchester

Security Service & Consulting the IT solutions.

Our 24x7 Cyber Security Operations Center puts state-of-the-art threat intelligence behind your business to detect attacks against critical assets before it leads to a data breach. Know what’s happening in real-time, with continual log retention and storage built right in
Our cyber security services offer tremendous monetary and non-monetary value within your organization. Minimally, an improvement in your security posture keeps confidential, classified, and proprietary business materials out of the hands of competitors. Beyond this, the right cyber security policies and protocols boost employee productivity by minimizing computer system downtime while optimizing your website’s uptime