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72% of Medium Businesses have
started or expanded work from home.

Accelerate the flow of crucial data while maintaining quality and managing security concerns. Manage costs while moving to next-generation solutions

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Two-thirds of organizations surveyed needed to transition more than 50% of their workforces to telework due to the pandemic.

Providing employees with the right technologies, both hardware and software, it is critical that organizations protect their remote users with robust secure remote access strategies. This starts with understanding the different types of teleworkers and their roles within the organization.

With the right Secure Teleworker Solutions, like those offered by TAGZ Cloud, organizations can ensure continued connectivity, secure remote access, and best user experience for their remote employees at any level.

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Next-generation technologies are creating a virtualized environment where network, platform and applications are indistinguishable to employees and customers.
These services provide low latency connectivity that is reliable, secure, and cost effective. You can extend your private network across data centers without compromising on performance or security.