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Undetected Cyber Threats

Whilst browsing the internet, cyber criminals are finding new ways to get to your data. Phishing techniques are no longer tackled by suspicious email coming into your inbox. Cybercriminals have moved further to more complex attacks that can now target several users within a company. This can be devasting not only to your organisation in falling victim, but personal data can be compromised too. We can provide organisations added protection by making use of intelligent AI monitoring whilst serving the web.

Can you afford to be without it?

Anti Phishing

We live in a world where successful cyber-attacks come from the web (80% of the total) and exploit incorrect human behaviour (over 85% of the total). Despite this, the systems designed to protect against such threats are not effective as they adopt a static approach, based on the reputation of the pages we visit. Ermes proposes a revolutionary approach, offering dynamic web threat protection, based not only on the reputation of web pages but also on their actual behaviour. This is possible thanks to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, which analyse every single web page, guaranteeing performance on average 14 times higher than similar products on the market.
Ermes is user friendly, designed to protect any user’s device in any condition they find themselves in, speeding up (up to 4 times) and significantly improving the browsing experience.